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E-Journals: (Fwd) Provocative article on (chemistry) e-journals

Hallo Inetbib,

der in der untenangehaengten Mail zitierte Aufsatz aus der 
Zeitschrift Nature 200(1999)195-200 diskutiert die 
problematische Situation und die Zukunft wissenschaftlicher 
Zeitschriften. Nach Nature wird das daenische National Technical 
Knowledge Center and Library in Lyngby alle gedruckten Zeitschriften 
abbestellen und seine Kunden nur noch mit e-journals beliefern.

Herzlichen Gruss aus Harburg
Thomas Hapke

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Subject:       Provocative article on (chemistry) e-journals
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This is a good read;


One of many points is  "will the individual journal"  continue to have any identity
in the "aggregated journaldatabase of the future".  How will the community deal
with  "impact factors". I found out that some universities, when recruiting staff,
often multiply the applicants X most recent publications by the impact factor
of each journal, and then compare the results totals amongst the applicants, 
in all probability appointing the one with the highest total!  A better 
method of course would be the individual citations of each article, but here 
the oldest article is often the highest ranking, and the lead in for any citations
is sometimes  2-3 years. 

I wonder if anyone has yet managed to work out the  "impact factor"
of any e-journal  (or aggregated collection) yet? 

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