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Kommen die e-books?

Ich  leite ausnahmsweise mal einen Beitrag aus einer US-Liste
weiter. Die  fangen offensichtlich an, über e-books nachzudenken!
Die Seite des zitierten Anbieters


finde ich sehr interessant , z.B. wegen der Volltext(!)recherche und
Ausleihmöglichkeit  (mit Librarycard:-)
B. Aust

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This may not be on target for the question on circulating e-books, but
it does respond to the more general question about library use of

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Hi.  Please respond to me at lbell _at__ darkstar.rsa.lib.il.us.  Our
server is not working correctly this afternoon, so I am using  juno.
Thanks In the Library Journal Digital (www.digitallj.com) I think is
the address also has an article about a Connecticut library
circulating rocket e-books. This latest issue of LJ Digital also said
that Publisher's Weekly April 6 edition would feature e-books and
Library Journal of April 15 would feature e-books.
Is anyone putting netLibrary books into their opac besides Endeavor?
We are having some success with CARL, our vendor if you would like to
try it.
The 856 tag has a link to the url of our books.  If you go to the
Alliance Library System home page at http://www.rsa.lib.il.us and click on
Information Services, there will be a link to public databases.  Go to CARLWEB
and then do a search on Hellmer, Albrecht with the title of Endgames.  As you
do an author search and  come up with this title, at the bottom of the record,
should be a link directly to the book.
We are just starting with this, so let me know if you have trouble.
We thought that if people were looking for a book, some might go right to
netLibrary and others would find it easier looking through the opac.
Has anyone else dealt with this issue?
I hope this mailing list can be a great discussion group for
conversation and sharing about ebooks.  Thanks.

Lori Bell
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