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Digitising Journals : Conference on future strategies for Europ

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, 

anbei die Ankuendigung einer europaeischen Konferenz zum Thema 
"Digitalisierung von Zeitschriften":

          Digitising Journals : Conference on future strategies for
          European libraries

          13/14 March 2000 in Copenhagen

On 13 and 14 March 2000 directors of the European national libraries
and policy makers within the digitising area meet in Copenhagen for a
conference on ditigising journals. 

Digitisation of journals is a major issue right now. International
co-operation and pooling of experiences is essential. Common goals
should be identified and the question of copyright must be addressed.
The conference aims to work out a joint policy on digitisation and
hopes to take the first steps towards the establishment of a European

The conference is organised by LIBER and Denmark's Electronic
Research Library (DEF) in co-operation with the European project
DIEPER, the North American JSTOR project and NORDINFO, the Nordic
Council for Scientific Information. 

For more information please visit 

or go to the website of DEF directly:


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