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diese Nachricht kam gestern in DIGLIB-L:

> Created and maintained by librarians, LISNews.com is a web site devoted to
> current topics and news in the world of Library and Information Science,
> including Digital Libraries.  We welcome you to participate in the creation
> of this exciting new Web Site. The newly redesigned site includes the
> ability to post comments on each story, along with a poll, and improved
> design.
> Lisnews.com works hard to bring you summaries of selected news articles of
> interest to librarians everywhere. Inclusion of articles on our site does not
> imply endorsement by any other sites. We select items and stories that
> we hope will stimulate ideas and conversation in the interest of keeping you
> and your colleagues informed.
> As a home for your creative instincts, we hope to give voice to your
> own intellectual visions. All ideas are open for discussion.  It will be
> your insight and creativity that helps further LISNews. All submissions will
> remain under complete control and copyright of the author.
> Thanks again for considering LISNews.com, You can reach us at:
> lisnews _at__ lisnews.com, http://www.lisnews.com

Es gruesst

Juergen Plieninger

Dr. Juergen Plieninger
07071 - 297 61 41
mailto:juergen.plieninger _at__ uni-tuebingen.de

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