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[INETBIB] Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of In

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hier ein interessanter Hinweis aus "Humanities - Sozial- und
Kulturgeschichte"-L (Homepage dieser Liste unter:

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Juergen Plieninger

Dr. Juergen Plieninger
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The June 1st, 1999 edition of the "Subject Index to Literature on
Electronic Sources of Information"  is available at:


The page-specific "Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of
Information" and the accompanying "Electronic Sources of Information: A
Bibliography" (listing all indexed items) deal with all aspects of
electronic publishing and include print and non-print materials,
periodical articles, monographs and individual chapters in collected
works. Over 900 titles were identified and indexed in great detail for
this project. Thousands of URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) were added
to various entries. Both the Index and the Bibliography are continuously

Introduction, which includes sample search and instructions how to use
the Subject Index and the Bibliography, is located at:


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