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[INETBIB] E-Book Mailing List

Hallo Liste,

in der Newsgroup soc.libraries.talk wurde von Jon E. Noring
(noring _at__ exemplary.net) auf die Mailingliste eBook-List hingewiesen.
Vielleicht ist das interessant fuer einige Listenteilnehmer/innen.

Zur Information einige Zitate:

"This is a periodic announcement for eBook-List, a mailing list devoted
to discussion of all topics related to electronic book (e-book)
authoring, publishing, marketing, and reading.
To subscribe, send e-mail to:
majordomo _at__ exemplary.net
In the message body only put:
subscribe ebook-list"

"eBook-List is an Internet mailing list open to all individuals and
organizations interested in developing, researching, producing,
authoring, publishing, distributing, reading, and even dreaming about
electronic books."

"The primary long-term goal of eBook-List is to assemble a linked
community of individuals and organizations (both commercial and
non-profit) which will promote:
1) the publishing of electronic books,
2) developing and marketing electronic book authoring and viewing
software for personal computers and similar devices, and 
3) developing and marketing specialized electronic book reader devices.

A second, and obviously more immediate goal, is to provide a convenient
and centralized forum by which information and ideas about electronic
books are freely exchanged."

"A partial list of topics that can be discussed on eBook-List include:

1) Electronic book publishing formats.

2) Comparison of electronic books with printed books.  Advantages and

3) The social, economic and political ramifications should electronic
books become commonplace.

4) Electronic book reader platforms:  PC's, PDA's, specialized e-book
reader appliances, etc.  Vital components, such as high resolution flat
screens, are of especial interest.

5) Electronic book distribution and marketing models.

6) Publishing/Author issues, such as royalties, author control,
copyright, security, encryption, promotion, marketing, etc.

7) Cataloging/Classification of electronic books.

8) Public Domain issues.

9) Library issues.

10) Self-publication, e-book reviews, and similar topics.

11) End user/customer issues, including ergonomics, usability, etc."

Es gruesst

Juergen Plieninger

Dr. Juergen Plieninger
07071 - 297 61 41
mailto:juergen.plieninger _at__ uni-tuebingen.de

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