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[FYI] Announcing a new organization and website, Filtering Facts

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>Subject:      [FYI] Announcing a new organization and website, Filtering Facts
>Date:    Thu, 17 Jul 1997 09:17:07 -0500
>From:    "Burt, David" <DBurt _at__ ci.oswego.or.us>
>Subject: www.filteringfacts.org
>Announcing a new organization and website, Filtering Facts
> http://www.filteringfacts.org
>Filtering facts is a non-profit organization that promotes the
>acceptability of filtering in libraries. Our primary purpose is to
>publicize the "other side" of the filtering in libraries debate. To
>date, the debate has been dominated by the American Library Association
>Office of Intellectual Freedom, the American Civil Liberties Union, and
>other organizations which take an extreme stand on free speech. The
>result of this one-sided debate has been that much of the media and
>public have believed what ALA/OIF's says about filters.
>We believe that libraries have the right to offer the kind of Internet
>service they want. We do not believe that libraries are obligated to
>offer everything on the Internet. We believe in exercising selection of
>Internet resources. We believe in exercising our professional judgment
>in the use of the Internet.
>Filtering Facts began, appropriately enough, on the Internet. Filtering
>was attacked by many in our profession. A few librarians spoke up on
>library discussion lists in defense of filtering, and we were attacked
>too. We were censured by our colleagues and called censors. Our point of
>view was excluded at ALA conferences. But we would not remain silent.
>We are seeking to organize pro-filtering librarians around the country
>to actively counter the efforts of the ALA Office of Intellectual
>Freedom. We have begun contacting the media to insure that our point of
>view is represented in future news stories about filtering in libraries.
>We have begun publishing articles in support of filtering in our
>professional literature. We have begun to demand that our voices be
>heard at conferences and workshops.
>Our Goals
>  *   Educate the public and media about Internet software filters.
>  *   Encourage libraries to voluntarily adopt filters.
>  *   Offer our support to libraries that implement filters.
>  *   Persuade the American Library Association to rescind its
>"Resolution on the
>      use of filtering software in libraries", and adopt a more tolerant
>view of filtering .
>  *   Persuade the American Library Association to adopt a "hands off"
>policy toward
>       libraries that filter.
>David Burt, President and Founder, Filtering Facts
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