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IFLA Internet Discussion Group: "Libraries and the Internet" (fwd

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International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

Internet Discussion Group


Libraries and the Internet: Global Case Studies

For Author Guidelines see:

The IFLA Internet Discussion Group (IIDG) seeks papers on the
use of the Internet by libraries and librarians around the world.
These papers will be published by IFLA in its series of monographs
entitled IFLA Publications, issued in cooperation with Saur Verlag
of Munich, Germany.

The monograph, entitled "Libraries and the Internet: Global Case Studies,"
will be edited by Nancy R. John of the University of Illinois at Chicago
and Edward J. Valauskas of Internet Mechanics and First Monday. Contributions
to the monograph will be refereed by members of the IFLA Internet Discussion

Papers in the monograph could examine:
- the use of the Internet in reference
- collections development and publishers on the Internet
- Internet-based catalogues
- document delivery and the Internet
- training for staff and patrons
- filtering software and libraries
- electronic journals: acquisition, circulation, archiving
- software acquisition and distribution
- electronic mail
- library staff policies governing the use of the Internet
- Internet laboratories and facilities
- Internet publishing
- intelligent agents
- server management and administration
- security
- public perceptions of the Internet and its relationship to libraries
- information quality on the Internet

Contributions to this monograph will identify a specific use of the
Internet addressing a given library problem, discuss the opportunities
that the Internet provides to both library personnel and patrons, and
discuss the effectiveness and impact of a given Internet-based solution.

This monograph will attempt to illustrate the uses of the Internet in
around the world. We welcome your participation in illustrating the
diversity of
library applications of the Internet.


For Author Guidelines see:


To submit a proposal for a paper, contact the Editors:

Nancy R. John
Assistant University Librarian
University of Illinois at Chicago
Post Office Box 8198
Chicago, IL 60680
telephone: (312) 996 2716
fax: (312) 413 0424
Internet: nrj _at__ uic.edu

Edward J. Valauskas
Internet Mechanics
Post Office Box 87636
Chicago, IL 60680-0636
fax: (773) 363 0023
Internet: ejv _at__ uic.edu

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