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Studie: Oeffentliche Bibliotheken USA und Online-
Zugangsmoeglichkeiten (Quelle: InterNIC, ScoutReport):

The 1996 National Survey of Public Libraries and the Internet:
Progress and Issues: Final Report

This report, by John Carlo Bertot (University of Maryland Baltimore
County), Charles R. McClure (Syracuse University), and Douglas L.
Zweizig (University of Wisconsin), is now available on the web. Major
findings include: "Between 1994 and 1996 public library Internet
connectivity increased 113% from 20.9% to 44.6%"; "Public libraries in
communities under 5,000 are significantly (58.6%) less likely to use
the Internet than those serving populations of 100,000+"; and "There
are significant disparities in connectivity, service provision, and
budget for Internet activities by region and population served." The
study is divided into two major sections: "Study Results," and
"Progress and Issues." Issues discussed include "Factors Affecting
Public Library Involvement with the Internet," "The Current State of
Public Library Internet Connectivity," "Identified Public Library
Benefits to Connecting to the Internet," and "Connectivity Versus
Services," among many others. In addition, there is much information
on the survey instrument and methodology.


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