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TULIP information from Edupage

Endbericht des TULIP-Projektes ueber elektronische Zeitschriftenbereitstellung
Achim Osswald

>Date:         Wed, 16 Oct 1996 12:14:00 -0700
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>Subject:      TULIP information from Edupage

>Project TULIP (The University Licensing Program), a five-year experiment in
>providing online access to scholarly journals, has concluded, and the
>results indicate that the transition from conventional to digital libraries
>will take much longer and cost more than commonly thought.  "A common view,
>which all TULIP participants share, is that the transition to a digital
>library will go slower than they had expected before starting the project,"
>says the project's final report, which emphasizes the need for faster speeds
>and increase storage capacity on campus networks.  In addition, the project
>found that it's important for institutions to know what library users want,
>and to promote electronic access to raise awareness on campus.
>The report is available at < http://www.elsevier.nl/locate/tulip/ >.
>(Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Aug 96 A21)
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