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DigLibns: An Electronic Discussion for Digital Librarians

fuer alle diejenigen, die sich an ein paar weiteren praxisorientierten
emails erfreuen wollen, nachfolgend ein Hinweis aus DIGLIB.
Freundliche Gruesse von 

A. Osswald

>Date:         Wed, 11 Dec 1996 10:34:38 -0500
>From: Terry Kuny <Terry.Kuny _at__ xist.com>
>Subject:      DigLibns: An Electronic Discussion for Digital Librarians
>To: Multiple recipients of list DIGLIB <DIGLIB _at__ INFOSERV.NLC-BNC.CA>
>DigLibns: An Electronic Discussion for Digital Librarians
>send the message "sub diglibns YOUR NAME" to listserv _at__ sunsite.berkeley.edu
>Why DigLibns?
>DigLibns is a place to discuss practical digital library issues and
>problems. We need to build systems that will make information stored in
>digital forms easy to find and use. We need to create new kinds of
>services and ways to deliver them. We need to get help with our problems
>and share our solutions.
>DigLibns is a place to discuss the impact of technology on our jobs and the
>profession. If the library profession is to survive as the primary
>interface to information *in any format* then we must retool, retrain,
>and reinvent. We need to create, foster, beg, borrow and steal digital
>skills, knowledge, and experience. We need to redefine our roles or risk
>becoming an anachronism in an increasingly online world.
>Purpose and Audience
>The DigLibns electronic discussion is for the discussion of issues
>relating to digital librarianship. Although the discussion is primarily
>aimed toward librarians and library staff involved in building digital
>collections or maintaining digital services, anyone is welcome to join
>the discussion. Those more interested in a research-oriented list may wish
>to join DIGLIB (http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/cgi-bin/ifla-lwgate/DIGLIB/), the
>Digital Libraries Research Discussion. DigLibns is
>a direct result of the Institute on Digital Library Development
>The DigLibns list is hosted by the UC Berkeley Library. It is an
>un-moderated list, but only subscribers may post messages. The software
>program List Processor (ListProc) 6.0 is used to provide an automated
>method for persons to subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. Questions about
>DigLibns may be directed to Roy Tennant (rtennant _at__ library.berkeley.edu).
>Mr. Terry Kuny                  Phone: 819-776-6602
>XIST Inc.                       Email: terry.kuny _at__ xist.com
>Global Village Research         URL:   http://xist.com/kuny/

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