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Electronic Resources Revies - a New E Journal

nachfolgend der Hinweis auf eine neue elektronische Rezensionszeitschrift
ueber Digitale Medien (auf Datentraegern und im Netz), die insbesondere fuer
die Zielgruppe wissenschaftliche und Spezial-Bibliotheken relevant sind
(bzw. sein sollen).

Die 1. Ausgabe (im PDF-Format) kann  noch entgeltfrei bezogen werden. Die 11
Rezensionen konzentrieren sich auf Produkte, die vermutlich vorzugsweise aus
US- und UK-Perspektive interessant sind. 

IMHO sind die meisten von uns derzeit mit "Informationsmittel fuer
Bibliotheken" und den diversen Besprechungsrubriken in bibliothekarischen
Zeitschriften wie z.B. "Digitale Medien" in ZfBB besser bedient.

Freundliche Gruesse von 

Achim Osswald

Prof. Dr. Achim Oßwald
Fachhochschule  Koeln
FB Bibliotheks- und Informationswesen / Department of LIS
Claudiusstr. 1,  D-50678 Koeln / Cologne      Germany
Office: Fon: +49 / 221 / 8275-3388     Fax: +49 / 221 / 331 85 83
e-mail: Achim.Osswald _at__ Uni-Koeln.DE
Homepage: http://www.fh-koeln.de/fbi/pers/osswald/aohome.htm
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>Date:         Fri, 17 Jan 1997 17:08:26 +0000
>Sender: Digital Libraries Research mailing list
>              <DIGLIB _at__ INFOSERV.NLC-BNC.CA>
>From: Gill Crawford <gcrawford _at__ mcb.co.uk>
>Subject:      Electronic Resources Revies - a New E Journal
>To: Multiple recipients of list DIGLIB <DIGLIB _at__ INFOSERV.NLC-BNC.CA>
>                            Electronic Resources Review
>                               An Electronic Journal
>          The definitive on-line source of information for electronic
>                        additions to your library
>                 View Vol 1 Issue 1 FREE on the journal homepage at:
>                   http://www.anbar.co.uk/liblink/err/jourhome.htm
>Anbar Electronic Intelligence is pleased to announce the launch of a new
>title. Launched in January 1997, ELECTRONIC RESOURCES REVIEW focuses on
>which electronic additions are available and on those you could and should
>add to your
>library collection.
>Is Norman Desmarais, Aquisition Librarian at Providence College, Rhodes
>Island, USA. Norman has 20 years experience in the field of Library and
>Information Management. He is former Editor of CD-ROM Librarian and CD-ROM
>World and has authored two books on the subject of electronic media along
>with many articles and reviews about electronic material for a variety of
>The emergence of the Internet as a medium for publishing presents a
>paradigm shift for librarians and publishers alike - a shift that cannot be
>ignored, but must be harnessed and its benefits transferred to the reader.
>ELECTRONIC RESOURCES REVIEW helps this transition. The journal acts as a
>medium for librarians to find reviews of CD-ROMS, electronic journals and
>other electronic resources relevant to their collections.  It will help you
>identify, evaluate and select titles to add to your collection - and
>specifically highlight those attributes that make individual electronic
>resources appropriate for library use.
>Reviews are written by librarians and content comprises of five core
>elements that are considered for each product:
>Installation    -      Concerns all aspects covering the installation of
>                       the product, e.g. disk space.
>Content         -      Is a product description, it concerns product
>                       suitability for intended audience, how
>                        comprehensive it is.
>Search Engine   -      For on-line products only, this details opinion
>Navigability           concerning how easy they are to move around.
>User Information -     Details the type of documentation provided with
>                        the product.
>Evaluation       -     Outlines the scale of product recommendation.
>ELECTRONIC RESOURCES REVIEW takes advantage of the benefits that an on-line
>publication can bring through being published on-line via the
>Internet. For current awareness, a subscription to ELECTRONIC RESOURCES
>REVIEW comprises 12 monthly updates and starts from the date of order rather
>than a specified month ensuring that your subscription is current at all times.
>The journal can be browsed and searched using a number of terms.  Quality
>indicators also allow users to select the reviews of the best on-line products.
>ELECTRONIC RESOURCES REVIEW comes complete with site licence which allows
>anyone whose e-mail address includes your organization's domain name to
>access the journal at any time from their own workstation.
>        * Senior Managers
>        * Collection Development Officers
>        * Acquisition Librarians
>        * Library Staff
>        * Library Schools
>        * Consultants
>Price:  Stg 89.00 pounds              US$ 139.00          Aus$ 199.00
>        (+ Stg 15.58 VAT in EU only)
>For further information contact Gillian Crawford, email: gcrawford _at__ mcb.co.uk
>or view Vol 1 issue 1 on the Internet at:
>Gillian Crawford
>Vice President: Library Link, Internet Free Press,  Electronic Journals
>MCB University Press Limited
>60/62 Toller Lane
>Bradford  BD8 9BY
>Tel:    44 1274 777700,
>Fax:    44 1274 785201,
>E-mail: gcrawford _at__ mcb.co.uk
>Web:    Library Link:           http://www.mcb.co.uk/liblink/nethome.htm
>        Internet Free-Press:    http://www.free-press.com/free-press.htm
>        Electronic Journals:    http://www.mcb.co.uk

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