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Email conference LIMES for used books in Scandinavia

Dear friends,

Please join "LIMES" - the Scandinavian marketplace for used and antiquarian
books. LIMES is an automated email mailing list. Each and every one of the
subscribers will receive copies of all emails posted to
limes _at__ listserver.wineasy.se. At this time we are 99 subscribers to this
service. Here, foreign dealers will search for Scandinavian books! Here,
most Swedish university library acquisitions librarians will see your for
sale catalogues. Messages of up to 100 titles fully described will cause no
problem! Larger catalogues can be split into several messages. You
subscribe by sending an email with "subscribe limes" as only message
(without the quotation marks) to the
following address: Majordomo _at__ listserver.wineasy.se

Thank you!

Skriptoriet Konsulttjänster
Niclas S. Wallin
Hälsingeg. 15 BV, S-113 23 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel/Fax: +46 8 34 14 19
Email: niclas.wallin _at__ skriptoriet.se

International Out-of-Print Booksearch
-- owner of LIMES - the Scandinavian marketplace for used books
Subscription address: Majordomo _at__ listserver.wineasy.se
To subscribe post: "subscribe limes" as only message.
Message address: limes _at__ listserver.wineasy.se

-- Webmaster for KSLAB, the Library of the Royal Swedish Academy of
Agriculture and Forestry

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