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(FWD): The May issue of D-Lib Magazine is now available!

Gruesse von A. Osswald

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>Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 12:44:54 -0400
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>Subject: The May issue of D-Lib Magazine is now available! 
>The May issue of D-Lib Magazine is now available at <http://www.dlib.org>.
>The UK Office for Library and Information Networking maintains a mirror site
>for D-Lib Magazine at:
><http://hosted.ukoln.ac.uk/mirrored/lis-journals/dlib/>, and The Australian
>National University Sunsite also maintains a mirror at
>In addition to our usual collection of notices and announcements, we are
>pleased to feature the following stories:
>The New Zealand Digital Library MELody inDEX
>Rodger J. McNab, Lloyd A. Smith
>David Bainbridge and Ian H. Witten
>University of Waikato
>Across Languages, Across Cultures: Issues in Multilinguality
>and Digital Libraries
>Carol Peters
>Eugenio Picchi
>Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
>Just-in-Time Conversion, Just-in-Case Collections:
>Effectively Leveraging Rich Document Formats for the WWW
>John Price-Wilkin
>Digital Library Production Service
>University of Michigan
>Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users:  Assuring
>Convenient Security and Data Quality
>Henry M. Gladney
>J. B. Lotspiech
>IBM Almaden Research Center
>Data Modeling for News Clip Archive: A Prototype
>Robert C. Plotkin
>Michael S. Schwartz
>IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
>D-Lib Magazine is produced by the Corporation for National Research
>Initiatives and is sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects
>Agency (DARPA) on behalf of the NSF/DARPA/NASA Digital Libraries Initiative.
>William Y. Arms, Vice President
>Amy Friedlander, Editor, D-Lib Magazine
Prof. Dr. Achim Osswald
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