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international summer school in Britain

Eine weitergeleitete Nachricht aus der elib-Liste, die vielleicht auch fuer
Leser von INETBIB interessant sein koennte.

Katarina Steinwachs

>An International Graduate Summer School in Librarianship and Information
>Science (IGSS) was first held in Aberystwyth Wales in 1973. IGSS aims to
>provide an opportunity for librarians and information professionals from
>all over the world to discuss matters of common concern and learn of recent 
>IGSS is held at the Department of Information and Library Studies at the 
>University of Wales Aberystwyth in conjunction with the School of 
>Librarianship and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh, USA.
> In 1996 there will be two summer schools running in parallel.
>The Summer School on Electronic Libraries ( directed by Lucy Tedd) will cover
>recent developments which enable the worldwide access of information via the
>Internet, the growth of multimedia information systems, electronic document 
>delivery systems, the role of librarians in making their users aware of
>all these developments and the impact on traditional library services. The
>Summer School on Health Informatics will cover planning and implementing health
>information systems, resource management,electronic patient records,
>and health-based resources on the Internet.
>	The schools will take place in Aberystwyth from 24th June to 13th July
>1996.The comprehensive fee covering registration,tuition, accommodation and 
>a 3-day study tour will be 1800 pounds sterling for the Electronic Libraries
>Summer School and 2200 pounds sterling for the Health Informatics summer
>Here are some comments from IGSS 95:
>	we gained a lot of experience of multimedia and the Internet
>	good package of continuing education
>	the lectures were well organised and the lecturers were very friendly
>	we had ample opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.
>There were 20 participants at IGSS 95 from a wide range of countries
>including Brunei, Colombia, Greece,Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia,
>Norway, Philippines, Sri Lanka,Switzerland, Tanzania and Thailand .
>	For further information please contact:Joyce Wallace, IGSS
>Administrator,Department of Information and Library Studies, University
>of Wales Aberystwyth, SY 23 3AS. e-mail: zyo _at__ aber.ac.uk
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