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Re: Old English Corpus

Peter te Boekhorst (ULB Muenster, boekho _at__ uni-muenster.de):

> Welche Bibliothek oder Universitaet verfuegt ueber eine Lizenz fuer den
> von der University of Virginia angebotenen Web-Zugang zum Old English
> Corpus oder besitzt die Daten dieser Textsammlung, die im Zusammenhang 

> mit dem Dictionary of Old English von der University of Toronto erstellt
> wurde?

Apologies that this is in modern English. Reading Goethe and
Kafka as a student doesn't give you the vocabulary to write
this sort of thing easily in German.

The University of Virginia Library acquired the Old English
Corpus and developed a Web version using the Open Text software to
search an SGML text and local programming to convert the SGML to
html for display. Unfortunately, our agreements with the
Dictionary of Old English do not allow us to offer this access
outside the University of Virginia. At the moment, we do not
offer licensed access to any of our data (though much is
available free), but we are working on a collection of early
American fiction (http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/eaf/) that
will be available by license through the Library and through

    -  Jim Campbell
    Director, Library Technology Services

    University of Virginia Library
	Charlottesville, VA 22903 USA
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    E-Mail: campbell _at__ virginia.edu

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