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Fwd: Green Paper on libraries in the Information Society

Liebe KollegInnen,
das folgende papier von EBLIDA leite ich gerne an sie weiter:

  +++   Role of libraries: European Parliament   +++

> The Cultural Committee of the European Parliament decided yesterday not to
> wait any longer for the European Commissions Green Paper on the role of
> libraries in the Information Society, but to already start discussing the
> subject with an own-initiative report.
> With an own-initiative report the Cultural Committee hopes to speed things
> up within the European Commission. The rapporteur, MEP Mirja Ryyndnen, will
> start working on a draft report immediately, and expects that the draft
> will be on the agenda of the Cultural Committee at the end of April 1998
> for a first exchange of views. 
> Things are moving - despite of the European Commission!
> Regards, 

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