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zwei Maillisten von und fuer Sehbehinderte

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, ergaenzend zu einem unserer 
Themen vor ein paar Wochen zwei englischsprachige Maillisten:
'Braille und Sprache im Internet fuer Sehbehinderte'(1) und
'Sehbehinderte Erwachsene'(2), viele Gruesse, hbk :-)

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This list will benefit anyone interested in sharing problems, tips,
advice, and unique experiences related to personal computers.

This list includes many blind and visually impaired members who provide a
unique perspective on computing with Braille and speech, but also includes
many sighted members and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to
achieve excellence in personal computer in both the home and the office.

This is a discussion list sponsored by KeckTech.  KeckTech is a small
company that provides training for individuals who wish to get the most
efficient use of their PC and PC applications in the home and business

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The blindadult mailing list is for blind adults (over 18 years of age).
Almost any topic is welcome on this list, but it's primary focus is on
dating, relationships and sex. I believe that those of us who are blind
have some unique concerns/perspectives related to these topics that are
not always addressed on other lists. It is my hope that this list will
provide a safe, fun and friendly place for blind and visually impaired
people to share their experiences, questions, and concerns about these
often embarrassing topics.

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