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NEW: Literary-Digest (fwd)

Voilà, eine neue Liste ueber Literatur, Buecher usw.,
ein schoenes Wochenende und viele Gruesse, hbk ;-)

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NEW: Literary-Digest  at  majordomo _at__ thinkers.net

Literary-digest is an open, free list for public
Devoted to the discussion of Literary issues,
for authors, publishers, students, teachers, journalists and media people
and ofcourse readers, book lovers, people interested to learn writing craft

The list is available in the digest form e.i. whenever there are certain
of postings the list is issued.

Subscribers can also promote their literary related website/pages

If you maintain a webpage or site related to literature, books, authors,
media or any literary related resources; you can submit them free
to the most promising literary search engine Wisdom at http://thinkers.net
To add your site goto http://thinkers.net/add.cgi
and choose a category.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail to
majordomo _at__ thinkers.net

subscribe literary-digest

Can also subscribe from the web:  http://www.thinkers.net/digest

After some time, the copies of the list will be posted on the web.

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