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Bookmobiles, statistics, and so on (fwd)

Liebe KollegInnen,
die folgenden hinweise von Monika Segbert gebe ich gerne 
an sie weiter:

> You should have a look at project MOBILE on the EC Telematics for Libraries
> website at 
> http://www2.echo.lu/libraries/en/projects/mobile.html
> .....
> Would you like to be kept informed about the EC Libraries Programme?
> Then just click on "Keep me informed" on our home page www.echo.lu/libs
> .....
> > There are two statistics concerning mobile libraries in the statistical
>  reports on public libraries in the UK produced annually by the CIPFA - the
>  Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (Public Library
>  Statistics: Actuals ISSN 0260-4078) . These are 
>  1.) the number of mobile libraries    and 
>  2.) the number of hours they are open per week, for each
>  Library Authority. 
>  However, these figures will probably be too general to be
>  of much use to you.
> > The IFLA web site gives further details at
> > http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/ifla/V/pr/index.htm
> >
> > The UK Library Association has a Branch and Mobile Libraries Group, 
>>  with its own journal, called Service Point. 
>>  See the Library Association web site 
>>  http://www.la-hq.org.uk/groups.htm)
> > .....

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