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UnCoverWeb Now Available

Fuer alle, die bislang unter den zeitraubenden und von Abbruch bedrohten
telnet-Sitzungen zu UnCover gelitten haben ...
Die Nachricht stammt aus der Liste docdel-l. Ich habe sie deutlich gekuerzt.
Freundliche Gruesse von 

Achim Osswald

>Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 11:42:06 -0700

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>Sender: Jay Ford <jford _at__ carl.org>
>Subject: UnCoverWeb Now Available
>The UnCover Company is pleased to announce the release of UnCoverWeb, our
>new World Wide Web site that includes a Web interface to the UnCover
>database of 17,000 periodicals and over 8 million articles.  The URL for
>UnCoverWeb is http://www.carl.org/uncover
>UnCoverWeb is a set of "pages" or destinations on the Web that provides
>access to information about UnCover as well as access to a graphical version
>of the database. UnCoverWeb also provides access to CARLweb and the CARL
>network of databases and services.

>The main requirements for using UnCoverWeb are Internet connectivity to the
>World Wide Web for your PC, Macintosh, or UNIX workstation and a graphical
>Web browser such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
>Information boxes and fields are included on the first page of the site to
>answer any questions.  Help boxes and fields are also available throughout
>For additional assistance, questions, and feedback about UnCoverWeb, please
>feel free to contact the UnCover office by phone at 303-787-7979 or
>303-758-3030 or by e-mail at uncover _at__ carl.org.
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>Gordon Loui
>Marketing Specialist
>The UnCover Company
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>Denver, Colorado  80210
>E-mail:  gloui _at__ carl.org
>Voice:  (303) 758-3030
>Fax:    (303) 758-5946
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