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Den folgenden Text finde ich hoechst interessant
und moechte ihn hier weiterverbreiten.
Praetorius (UB-Duisburg)
praetorius _at__ uni-duisburg.de

APRIL 1994  
Msg. L0043  Category: NEWS & TRENDS  
In April 1994,  the UnCover Company, jointly owned by the CARL Corporation  
and B.H.  Blackwell,  released  its new Internet  email table  of contents  
(TOC)  delivery service called Reveal.  Reveal will allow any UnCover user  
to tag specific journals so that every time a  new issue of  that title is  
entered into  the UnCover database  the entire  table of  contents will be  
automatically sent to the requesters'  Internet electronic mailbox.  Users  
may use reply email to  request document  delivery  at the  rate of $8.50,  
plus the copyright fee and any fax surcharge (primarily added for overseas  
Each email TOC will  include the journal name,  issue  date,  author, full  
article title,  any available summary information,  starting  page number,  
a profile on UnCover which includes an  Internet email  address. Users may  
establish their own profile, at no cost, or have UnCover staff set them up  
for a one time fee of $25.  A list of journal titles  may be  added by the  
user to their profile to activate  the service.  The recipient may respond  
via email with an order for an article by replying to the message (include  
the text of the message in the reply),  and  typing the word ORDER  on the  
last line of the entry for the article to be delivered.  
OCLC  introduced  its ContentsFirst email TOC  delivery  in  January 1994.  
However,  OCLC  charges an  initial set-up  fee and ongoing fees  for each  
journal  title (on an  annual  basis)  to  use their service.   UnCover is  
offering the service at no cost.  
UnCover currently indexes almost 16,000  journal titles and has a database  
of over  5  million  citations,  making it the largest TOC service  in the  
industry.  UnCover may  be accessed  via the  Internet  by  telnetting  to  
database.carl.org  or direct-dial  over regular  telephone lines  to (303)  
756-3600  (full-duplex,  8 data  bits,  1 stop bit,  no parity  at  speeds  
ranging from  300 baud up to 19,200 baud).  There is no cost for searching  
article be delivered.  
For more  information contact:   UnCover  Company,  3801 E. Florida, Suite  
200,  Denver,  CO  80210.  Telephone: (303) 758-3030. Fax: (303) 758-0606.  
Internet: mwhittaker _at__ carl.org.  

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