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RE: hytelnet

In message Mon, 4 Jul 1994 08:45:22 +0200,
  Hans-Juergen Pfeffer <ubhjp _at__ kea.ub.tu-clausthal.de>  writes:

> Wer hat "hytelnet" als quasi selbstaendigen Server anzubieten ?

Hier noch eine kleine Ergaenzung:

	README for Hytelnet Anonymous FTP Directories on ftp.usask.ca


    Hytelnet is Peter Scott's Hypertext database of publicly accessible
    Internet sites.  Hytelnet currently lists over 1800 sites, including
    Libraries, Campus-Wide Information Systems, Gopher, WAIS, and WWW
    systems, Freenets, and more.

    Hytelnet software for the PC, Macintosh, Unix and VMS systems is
    available via anonymous ftp from ftp.usask.ca ( in
    the /pub/hytelnet directory.

    If you are on the Internet, you can try out the Unix version of
    Hytelnet as follows:

	 telnet access.usask.ca
	 login: hytelnet  (all lowercase, no password required)

    The Macintosh, Unix and VMS versions of Hytelnet make automatic
    telnet connections to remote sites.  This feature is disabled,
    however, when remote users connect to access.usask.ca to run

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