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PaperChase - Kosten nach Zugang

Wie bereits erwaehnt, ist Paperchase (=Medline+Health+Aidsline+Cancerlit)  
ueber Compuserve (neben dem direkten telefonischen Zugang eben auch telnet  
compuserve.com) erreichbar.
Paperchase haengt aber auch direkt am internet.
Stellte sich die Frage, was ist billiger?

## Nachricht vom 14.07.94 weitergeleitet
## Ursprung : logies _at__ ml.in-berlin.de
## Ersteller: lawson _at__ enterprise.bih.harvard.edu

Dr. Logies --

I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to you before now, but I've been out
of the office for about three weeks.

As far as reaching PaperChase via the Internet or via CompuServe and the
least costly method, that's a question that's difficult for us to  
answer.If you were in the United States and did most of your searching  
off-peak hours, I'd recommend that you continue to use CompuServe to
access PaperChase as long as you used CompuServe for other services as

When you access PaperChase via CompuServe, in addition to the standard
CompuServe fees, there is a $24.00 (US) surcharge during the day and an
$18.00 (US) surcharge during off-peak hours.
If you access PaperChase directly via the Internet, the hourly rate is
$23.00 (US), but you pay a 10 cents (US) fee for every abstract and for
every reference that you print, display, or capture.
Our rates through CompuServe and our direct rates are designed to be about
the same, but you're typically pay a little less searching off-peak hours
through CompuServe.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know.

-- Rick Lawson
   Director of User Services
   lawson _at__ enterprise.bih.harvard.edu

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