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9th Revision of the _Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences_

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An Medibibler:
Die medizinisch/bibliothekarischen Files koennen Sie auch von mir bekommen.
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
The 9th Revision of the _Directory of Scholarly
Electronic Conferences_ is now available.
1. The revised scope of the 9th Revision Directory
2. The subjects/files available.
3. How to access or retrieve the Directory:
   Central Gopher sites, ftp, email anAd
   Central World Wide Web site.
   The published print version.
4. The Directory Team Members.

This announcement is extracted from the ACADLIST
README file.  Contact: diane _at__ kovacs.com for additional

1. Revised Scope of the 9th Revision Directory
This directory contains descriptions of electronic
conferences (e-conferences) on topics of interest to
scholars.  E-conference is the umbrella term that
includes discussion lists, Internet interest groups,
e-journals, e-newsletters, Usenet newsgroups, forums,
etc.  In this 9th revision we have begun including
text based virtual reality systems known as MUDS,
MOO'S, Muck's, Mushes, etc. that are primarily for
scholarly or pedagogical activities.

The e-conferences in this Directory are all accessible
via Internet services including email, telnet, gopher,
or www.

We have used our own judgment in deciding what is of
scholarly interest, but always consider any advice or
argument about our decisions.  We have placed the
entries into categories by deciding the *dominant*
academic subject area of the electronic conference.

Where possible, the information in each record has
been checked for currency and accuracy by contacting
the moderators or other contact person.

We chose the term *moderator* as the umbrella term to
describe:  contact person, coordinator, listowner,
editor, moderator, etc.; in other words the Human in

Topic descriptions are taken in whole or part from the
descriptions provided by each moderator.

2. The Subjects/Files Available
ACADLIST.README  =Required Reading to understand
                  scope and intentions as well as
                  subscription and archives
ACADLIST.ANTHRO  =Anthropology, Cross Cultural
                  Studies, and Archaeology
ACADLIST.ART     =Art, Architecture and Urban Design
ACADLIST.BIOLOGY =Genetics, General Biology/Biophysics
ACADLIST.BOTANY  =Botany/Horticulture
ACADLIST.BUSECON =Business, Accounting, Finance, and
                  Marketing and =Economics
ACADLIST.CHEMIST =Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and
                  Materials Research
ACADLIST.COMMJOUR=Communication and =Journalism
ACADLIST.COMPENG =Computer Engineering, Software
ACADLIST.COMPSEC =Computer Security
ACADLIST.COMPRES =Computer Science Research:
                  Artificial Intelligence, Expert
                  Systems, Virtual Reality
ACADLIST.COMPSTD =Computer Science Research: Computer
                  Standards (Official and De Facto)
ACADLIST.COMPACAD=Computer Science Research: General
ACADLIST.COMPNET =Computer Systems: Network
ACADLIST.COMPADMN=Computer Systems: System
ACADLIST.COMPTRNG=Computer Systems: Training and User
ACADLIST.COMPMISC=Miscellaneous Computer-Related
ACADLIST.COMPPRGM=Programming Languages and
ACADLIST.COMPSOFT=Public Domain and Publically
                  Supported Software
ACADLIST.COMPSOC =Social, Cultural anAd Political
                  Aspects of Computing
ACADLIST.EDTECH  =Education: Computer Assisted
                  Instruction/Educational Technology
ACADLIST.EDRES   =Education: Educational Research
                  (general), Grants and Funding
ACADLIST.EDHIGHER=Education: Higher, Adult and
                  Continuing Education
ACADLIST.EDK12   =Education: Primary, Secondary
                  (K-12), Vocational and Technical
ACADLIST.EDMISC  =Education: Miscellaneous Education,
                  Alumni and Student Groups
ACADLIST.EDSPEC  =Education: Special Education,
                  Developmental Disabilities, Physical
                  Disabilities and ADA (Americans with
                  Disabilities Act)
ACADLIST.ENGINEER=Engineering and Technology General
                  and =Transporation Engineering
ACADLIST.FUTURE  =Futurology/Future Studies
ACADLIST.ENVIRON =Ecology and Environmental Studies
ACADLIST.GEOGRAPH=Geography and Miscellaneous Regional
                  and Individual Country Studies
ACADLIST.GEOLOGY =Geology and Paleontology
ACADLIST.HUMGEN  =Humanities (Comparative &
ACADLIST.INFORETR=Information Retrieval
ACADLIST.INFOSYS =Information Systems
ACADLIST.INTERNET=Internet Tools and Resources
ACADLIST.JOBS    =Jobs, Employment, Placement Services
                  and Programs
ACADLIST.LABOR   =Human Resources and Industrial
ACADLIST.LANG    =Languages
ACADLIST.LATAM   =Latin American Studies
ACADLIST.LAW     =Law, Criminology, Justice
ACADLIST.LIBRARY =Library and Information Science
ACADLIST.LING    =Linguistics and Text Analysis
ACADLIST.LIT     =Literature
ACADLIST.MATH    =Mathematics and Statistics
ACADLIST.MEDICAL =Medical Practice/NAursing/Medical
                  Personnel/Patients and
                 =Medical Sciences/Research
ACADLIST.METEOR  =Weather and Meteorology
ACADLIST.PERD    =Physical Education, Recreation and
ACADLIST.PHILOS  =Philosophy and Ethics
ACADLIST.POLITICS=Political Science and Politics
ACADLIST.POPULAR =Theater, Film and Television and
                 =Popular Culture
ACADLIST.PSYCH   =Psychology and Psychiatry
ACADLIST.PUBLISH =Publishing and Related Issues
ACADLIST.RELIG   =Religious StudiesA
ACADLIST.SCIENCE =Science and Technology
ACADLIST.SOCIOLOG=Sociology and Demography
ACADLIST.VETZOO  =Agriculture, Veterinary Science and
ACADLIST.WOMEN   =Women's Studies/Gender Studies
ACADSTAC.HQX     =Binhexed Hypercard Database of Whole
3. How to access or retrieve the Directory of
Scholarly E-Conferences

An annual print version is published by the
Association of Research Libraries.  Contact Ann
Okerson ann _at__ cni.org for information.

WWW Homepage:
Soon to be announced

Gopher access:

University of Saskatchewan
Contact: Earl Fogel earl.fogel _at__ usask.ca
Information/Directory of Scholarly Electronic

Clearinghouse of Subject-Oriented Internet Resource
Contact: Lou Rosenfeld lou _at__ umich.edu

How to retrieve files from the LISTSERV _at__ KENTVM or
1. Send an email message addressed to LISTSERV _at__ KENTVM
2. Leave the subject and other info lines blank.
3. The message must read:
GET Filename Filetype f=mail
(eB.g., ACADLIST FILE1 or  ACADSTAC HQX or whatever)
4. If you need assistance receiving, etc. contact your
Computer Services people

How to retreive files via anonymous FTP to
1. type: ftp zeus.kent.edu
at your dollar sign prompt (VAX) your shell prompt
(Unix) or ready screen (IBM VM).  If you are on
another kind of system consult with your computer
services people to find out the proper procedure.
2. when prompted for 'USERID,' type   anonymous
3. Your password will be your actual userid on your
local machine.
4. Type:  cd library/acadlist
5. Type:  get Filename.Filetype
(see Files Available below)
6. The files will be transferred directly into the
directory you ftp'ed from.

4. The Directory Team: (These are the entry compilers not the list moderators)
Diane Kovacs - Editor-in-Chief diane _at__ kovacs.com
*Ecology and Environmental Studies
*Humanities (Comparative & Interdisciplinary)
*Jobs, Employment, Placement Services and Programs
*Law, Criminology, Justice
*Linguistics and Text Analysis

MAichael Kovacs Co-Editor-in-Chief michael _at__ kovacs.com
*Computer Science

Leela Balraj lbalraj _at__ kentvm.kent.edu
*Biological and Medical Sciences

Gladys Bell gbell _at__ kentvm.kent.edu
*Anthropology and Archaeology
*Geography and Misc.Regional and Individual Country
*Latin American Studies
*Social Activism
*Sociology and Demography

Paul Fehrmann pfehrman _at__ kentvm.kent.edu
*Philosophy and Ethics

Martha Fleming mkflemin _at__ CC.YSU.EDU
*Communication Studies
*Religious Studies

Leslie Haas lhaas _at__ kentvm.kent.edu
*Political Science and Politics
*Human Resources and Industrial Psychology

Lydia Gamble lgamble _at__ kentvm.kent.edu
*Physical Sciences FILE*(except Chemistry Meteorology
and Physics)

Kara Robinson krobinso _at__ kentvm.kent.edu
*Art, Architecture and Urban Design
*Library and Information Science
*Physical Education Recreation and Dance
*Popular Culture
*Publishing and Related Issues
*Theater, Film and Television

Raghini Suresh rsuresh _at__ kentvm.kent.edu
*Weather and Meteorology

Dennis Viehland d.viehland _at__ massey.ac.nz
*Information Systems

The Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences is Copyright 1995 by Diane K.
Kovacs and The Directory
Team. Single copies of this directory from its
networked sources, or of specific entries from their
networked sources, may be made for internal purposes,
personal use, or study by an individual, an individual
library, or an educational or research institution.
The Association of Research Libraries has sole right
to produce a print edition.  The directory or its
contents may not be otherwise reproduced or
republished in excerpt or entirety, in print or
electronic form, without permission from Diane K.
Kovacs diane _at__ kovacs.com

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 Diane K. Kovacs       |                            voice: (216)672-3045
 dkovacs _at__ mcs.kent.edu  |                              fax: (216)672-2265
 diane _at__ kovacs.com      |        evenings or European days: (216)677-4355
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       Editor-in-Chief, _Directory of Scholarly E-Conferences_
The 9th Rev. Directory is available ftp://zeus.kent.edu/library/acadlist  or
gopher://gopher.usask.ca/11/Computing/Internet Information/Directory of
Scholarly Electronic Conferences
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