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From:           "Rainer Soecknick-Scholz" <soecknick-scholz _at__ bis.uni-oldenburg.de>
Date sent:      Fri, 31 Mar 95 12:03:19 -800
Subject:        Sarajevo Online

Guten, friedlichen Tag allerseits,

den folgenden Artikel fand ich in den Auslandsnachrichten der IRISH 
TIMES on the WEB. Ich finde ihn interessant und wichtig, deshalb 
moechte ich ihn hier allen zur Kenntnis geben:

> `Sarajevo Online'
> APRIL 5th marks the start of the fourth year of the siege of Sarajevo.
> In an attempt to help the citizens of the city overcome their
> isolation, the World Media Network, UNESCO and the picture agency,
> Sipa, have come together to offer them an opportunity to connect with
> the world via the Internet.
> The project, entitled Sarajevo Alive, Sarajevo Online, is designed to
> allow the ordinary citizens of the besieged city to speak to the world
> by answering questions put by online readers.
> The Irish Times is a member of the World Media Network and, along with
> other member- newspapers, it will publish an edited collection of the
> discussions. The Irish Times On The Web, the newspaper's experimental
> WWW site, will also carry the material.
> Readers with access to online communications are invited to submit
> questions.
> To send a question in English to a resident: E-mail
> sarajevoonline-en _at__ cnam.fr.
> To read the responses: Via the World Wide Web:
> http://www.cnam.fr/sarajevo/
> Via Usenet: soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna
> Via e-mail: send a message to sarajevoonline-en-request _at__ cnam.fr with
> subscribe (no quotes) as the subject.
> To unsubscribe: send the same message with unsubscribe in the subject
> field.
> Queries can be addressed to Joe Breen at jbreen _at__ irish-times.ie.
> This project will continue until April 10th. After that date, to
> ensure that the project, Sarajevo Online, continues to live, World
> Media and its partners are joining with the movement, Students for
> Sarajevo, to supply the besieged city with computer hardware and
> software.
> The project, entitled Modems Without Borders, is aimed at helping the
> Zamir (peace) computer network, which is already connected to the
> Internet, to develop and grow and to assure freedom of communication
> between the former Yugoslavia and the rest of the world.
> For further details of this project e-mail Michel Cartereau at
> michel.cartereau _at__ inapg.inra.fr.
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Copyright, The Irish Times
> webmast _at__ ieunet.ie

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