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DIGLIB - Digital Libraries Research discussion list

* this has been posted to PACS-L and IFLA-L. Please redistribute wherever 
appropriate. *

IFLANET, the electronic services of the International
Federation of Library Associations and Institutions,
is providing


an Internet mailing list for librarians,
information scientists, and other information professionals
to discuss the constellation of issues and technologies
pertaining to the creation of digital libraries.

We encourage individuals and organizations from around the
world who are creating or providing electronic access to
digital collections to participate in knowledge sharing about
current developments in digital library research. IFLANET
welcomes submissions about digital library-related,

? projects
? conferences
? policy developments
? research-in-progress
? finding aids
? bibliographies
? reviews
? resources
? technologies
? theory and practice

DIGLIB is a lightly moderated list.

DIGLIB submissions are being archived.

Access to list commands and archives will be available
on the IFLANET WWW service through LWGate.

To subscribe to the list

Send the following to:

in the body of the message:

     SUBSCRIBE DIGLIB <first name> <last name>

To post messages to the list

Send messages to:


Further information regarding IFLANET can be obtained
by contacting IFLANET Administration at:

     ifla _at__ nlc-bnc.ca


Terry Kuny
IFLANET Administration

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.