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eine Kollegin aus Luettich bat mich, die Information ueber die
EUROBACK-Liste weiterzuleiten. Ich denke, die Liste ist ein fuer einige
Bibliotheken interessantes Angebot.
Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
Heike Seidel

----------------------------Original message----------------------------

             EUROBACK : a European list for the exchange of
             duplicate and back issues between libraries
                         Scope and purpose

(Une version francaise du texte suit)


EUROBACK is a list devoted to the informal exchange of serials back
issues and books among European libraries. This list provides a forum
for the listing of both available and desired serials issues and books in
all subject areas. EUROBACK is not a forum for the discussion of the
process of exchanging materials or of the merits of various dealers or
exchange cases. Messages of this type should be posted instead in the
various lists devoted to librarians and librarianship such as ACQNET,
SERIALST or BIBLIO-FR in French language.
EUROBACK intends to be European while being open to everybody
interested. Overseas mailing charges are high and many requests may be
fulfilled locally at lower costs. BACKSERV covers well the american
continent and EUROBACK has got a contact with its administrators.

Each message sent to EUROBACK should list one or more issues, volumes
or titles which are either wanted or available. Please do not include
both wanted and available titles in the same message. The subject
line of each message should include its status and its subject area,
for instance :

                   WANTED : HISTORY
                   AVAILABLE : MEDICINE
                   EXCHANGE : GENERAL

As a guide, messages should be kept to no more than 100 lines. Please
include complete contact information in your message.

EUROBACK is not a moderated list. It is meant only as a communication
vehicle for librarians and library staff offering or seeking back
issues of serials titles or books.
You do not need to subscribe to the list for sending messages.
Replies to messages should be sent to the sender AND NOT to the list
Dealers and other exchange organizations are welcome to monitor the list
but are asked not to send messages to it. Personal messages are prohibited.

To subscribe to the list, send a message to LISTSERV _at__ vm1.ulg.ac.be
that reads :

       subscribe EUROBACK <your firstname> <your name> <your institution>

To unsubscribe from the list, send a message to LISTSERV _at__ vm1.ulg.ac.be
that reads :

       unsubscribe EUROBACK

All messages to be distributed on the list have to be sent exclusively to

       EUROBACK _at__ vm1.ulg.ac.be

EUROBACK is being hosted by Service General d'Informatique, University
of LIEGE, BELGIUM. The list administrators are Simone JEROME and
Paul THIRION, Librarians. If you have any question, please contact :

       Simone JEROME (Email: udspring _at__ vm1.ulg.ac.be
       Paul THIRION ( Email : pthirion _at__ vm1.ulg.ac.be)

with your questions, comments or suggestions. You are welcome. We would
like to hear from you.

In order to avoid a difficult reading of the messages, subcribers are
asked preferably not to use accented characters.

BACKSERV is the model for EUROBACK. It is property of Readmore, Inc.
Its host address is LISTSERV _at__ SUN.READMORE.COM.
Its administrators are Amira Aaron (aaron _at__ readmore.com) and Marilyn
Geller (mgeller _at__ readmore.com).
Heike Seidel        -  -  -  -  -  Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet
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FAX  : +49 251 83 9772             |         D-48149 Muenster, Germany

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.