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[InetBib] Invitation for libraries to participate in the 2017 Library Automation Perceptions Survey


I am now collecting data for the 2017 International Library Automation 
Perceptions survey conducted through Library Technology Guides.

This survey, now in its eleventh annual iteration, provides an important 
opportunity for libraries to register their perceptions of the strategic 
automation products they use, organizations that provide these products, and 
the quality of support delivered. The survey also probes at considerations for 
migrating to new systems and the level of interest in open source products.

While the numeric rating scales support the statistical results of the study, 
the narrative comments provide even more interesting insight into the current 
state of library automation satisfaction.  Comments will be published in the 
survey results, though redacted to conceal any text that might identify the 
individual or organization responding.

Please help your fellow librarians who might be in the process of evaluating 
library automation options by responding to the survey. Any information 
regarding vendor performance and product quality can be helpful when making 
strategic decisions regarding automation alternatives. A large number of 
responses strengthen the impact of the survey and the subsequent report.  This 
survey also provides constructive criticism to the vendors involved to help 
them address any prevailing issues or concerns.

If you have responded in previous years, please respond again this year to help 
identify any trends regarding improvement or worsening of the products or 
support services.

For more information about the survey, for instructions on how to participate, 
and to see results of previous year's survey reports, see:

I hope to see a large number of responses from libraries in German-speaking 
countries and regions.  Also, feel free to forward this request to any other 
library-related list.

Please let me know if there are any questions regarding the survey.

Marshall Breeding
Editor, Library Technology Guides

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