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WWW und Buchverkauf

nachfolgend ein kleiner Auszug aus 
>September 9, 1996/Volume 01, Issue 28
>ISSN 1089-3652

mit einer Einstimmung auf die Buchmesse.
Freundliche Gruesse von 

A. Oßwald

>According to cyberpundits like Esther Dyson and Nicholas
>Negroponte, intellectual property -- movies, music, and especially
>books -- will soon plummet <stuerzen, absacken, A.O.> in value.  
>The idea is that information
>technology will vastly increase the supply of such material.  With
>the demand side remaining relatively stable (people have a limited
>amount of consumption time) the inevitable result is a depression in
>Perhaps.  But these days the net is proving to be a lucrative means
>for selling hard copy books at prices that keep writers off welfare. 
>The New York Times reports that entrepreneurs selling books
>online are making money.  Books, in fact, rank with computer
>equipment as the two best-selling commodities in cyberspace.
>Online booksellers use two basic strategies.  First, build a broad
>offering of titles across subject areas or develop depth in a
>particular niche area.  Second, use attentive personal service and 
>speedy delivery to keep customers satisfied.  The success of this 
>formula has led major "land-based" bookstores like Borders and Barnes 
>and Noble to push forward with their own net projects.  
>They may not have much choice.  "Every land-based bookstore is
>going to have to be on line," said one publishing consultant.  "The
>bookstore that tries to go on without it is going to find it difficult 
>to survive." 
>NYT: <http://www.nytimes.com/library/cyber/week/0902book.html>

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