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Following the retirement of the current head of 
cataloguing, the Swiss National Library has a vacancy 
for the post of 

                     THE SWISS NATIONAL LIBRARY

This is a long term appointment, at a senior grade in 
the Swiss Federal Government administration.

You will be responsible for planning, supervision, 
coordination and evaluation of the cataloguing 
departement, including the section or authority 
control. You will be in charge of 16 qualified staff, 
who carry out original cataloguing in USMARC using 
Swiss Library Association rules on the VTLS system 
since 1994.

Cataloguing covers a wide range of printed and non-
printed materials, in all languages and all subjects. 
(The National Library collects all documents printed 
in Switzerland and written by Swiss authors anywhere 
in the world).

You will also be in charge of the Swiss National 
Bibliography, which is published twice a month using 
data extracted from the online catalogue.

As head of cataloguing, you will be required to take 
part in different projects within the Library, and to 
represent the Library's interests in national and 
international committees.

thorough library training, preferably with a good 
qualification in librarianship. experienc in running a 
cataloguing department, in an automated 
environment, using a MARC format. Fluency 
(reading, writing and speaking) in two of the 
following languages is essential: German, French, 
Italian, English

Effective communication and analytical skills.
Ability to work independently and with others.

According to qualifications and experience, with a 
comprehensive pension package.
Working week,: full-time (42 hours).
Vacation 20 days plus 9 national holidays.
Please send your application (resume, photo, copies 
of certificates, references) to the following address by 
April 10th 1996
Swiss National Library
Collection Services
Marie-Christine Doffey
Hallwylstrasse 15
CH-3003 Bern

If you have further questions, please contact me at 
Marie-Christine.Doffey _at__ slb.admin.ch

Catalogue: telnet helveticat.snl.ch. Login: hello 
internet, user.clas01 WWW:http: //www.snl.ch/

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