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Mathematical Classifications Database

Weitergeleitet fuer Herrn Eversberg aus BS:

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------

From:           "Bernhard Eversberg" <EV _at__ buch.biblio.etc.tu-bs.de>
Organization:   UB der TU-Braunschweig


Die vorige Woche angekuendigte Datenbank mathematischer Klassifikationen
ist fertiggestellt und liegt bereit.
Hier ein Auszug aus der README-Datei, die auf Englisch abgefasst wurde,
weil wir annehmen, dass nicht nur deutschsprachige Interessenten das
Produkt brauchen koennen:

Mathematical Classifications Database                   Non-commercial
_____________________________________                   Free of charge

Braunschweig University Library is making a new database available that
combines three mathematical and computer science classifications:

1. American Mathematical Society                            4.800 classes
   Mathematics Subject Classification (Mathematical Reviews)
   1991 with 1995 updates, added manually
   (latest paper version in Vol. 800/III, pp. 2299-2353 of "Zentralblatt")

2. Association for Computing Machinery (Computing Reviews)  1.200 classes

3. Inspec (Computer and Communications Abstracts)             400 classes
   (this one had to be scanned from the latest paper issue)

A. What it is
The database contains the complete and unadulterated texts of the 
classifications as downloaded from authoritative sources, or, in the
case of Inspec, scanned and converted from paper.

This product may be useful for everyday reference, both for librarians
ans mathematicians.

The database has two indexes:

1.  General alphabetical index
    All class descriptors, reference descriptors, AND all keywords contained
    in these descriptors. 

2.  Classification index
    This has three sections:
    1. AMS : enter the class number, like  30A05
    2. ACM : enter the class number, like  D.1.5
    3. Inspec: class numbers are preceded with an 'i'
               (to distinguish them from AMS classes)


C. How to get it:

  <your e-mail address>
  cd formate
  get math.exe

The file size is some 600K bytes. Use hours where Germany is sleeping.

D. How to install:

Copy MATH.EXE to any directory and start it. After unwrapping itself,
say  "mc"  to use the database. 

Since it is very compact, the database can be installed on any old PC.
You must have ANSI.SYS installed, however!
(Insert  DEVICE = C:\DOS\ANSI.SYS  into your CONFIG.SYS)

For networking, place the files on a network directory, say F:\MC,
then make  MC.EXE available for everybody and install this in a
batch file:

    mc -df:\mc

This is a DOS application but will run in DOS boxes under Windows or OS/2.
(Provided ANSI.SYS is installed there as well.)

If anybody wants to put this up on another FTP server, feel free to do so
but kindly notify us of the fact.

For enquiries, contact

Bernhard Eversberg
Universitaetsbibliothek Braunschweig
B.Eversberg _at__ tu-bs.de

 |   |      _) __ \          Michael.Schaarwaechter _at__ ub.uni-dortmund.de
 |   | __ \  | |   |  _ \    Uni Dortmund, Library
 |   | | | | | |   | (   |   Vogelpothsweg 76, D-44227 Dortmund
\___/ _| |_|_|____/ \___/    http://www.ub.uni-dortmund.de/~misc

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.